Recollection Cues

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Jon Spitz has been a solid, well-respected cue builder for many years.  His cuemaking roots go back to the Chicago area, but he now lives in Texas where he has continued his tradition of building meticulously constructed sticks with unique designs.  Best of all, he is a "player's cuemaker", building sticks that play extremely well and are affordably priced.
One of the things I like about Jon's cues is that the designs are always unique.  He always seems to add a few design features that make his sticks just a little different.  And, his choice of woods also makes them stand out.  
I've test-hit every Spitz cue I've owned, including the ones I now have in inventory, and without exception, they hit extremely well.  He has the ability to build not only attractive sticks, but ones that will ultimately help a player get the most out of their game.