Recollection Cues

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Cory Barnhart makes cues in all price ranges, and although he occasionally builds a whopper, is generally known for his player level merry widows, and four and six pointers in a very reasonable price range.  Here's a four pointer that will make somebody an exceptional playing cue.

He builds this one from some pretty cocobolo and birdseye maple.  Nothing super fancy - a great playing cue in a classic design. 

The veneers in this stick really set it off.  It's a nice combination of complementary colors that really frame the pretty cocobolo points perfectly.

He builds it with a Hoppe-style white ring just above the butt cap, with a ring of silver dots above and below. 

He also adds a fairly wide black phenolic ring above the below the wrap.

This cue has a really classic, traditional look to it.  It looks like it's made to be a work-horse.  He adds a nice black "Scotch" leather wrap that looks very nice, and feels especially good in the hand.

The white elforyn joint is a nice touch, complementing the white Hoppe ring in the butt sleeve.

The veneers really pop on this cue, with a nice combination of white, blue, red and black.

A very tasteful cue, bright but not gawdy, and everything comes together nicely.

As with all Cory's cues, the work is tight, and the points are even, sharp and ...

... long.

He builds it with a radial pin in a flat-faced joint, with his silver dot ring pattern at the joint and on the ring collars of the shafts.  This cue hits great!

This cue is 58 incheslong and comes with two of Cory's very nice 13mm  shafts.   It weighs 19.2 ounces with either shaft (Butt-15.5,shafts both 3.7.)  It will make someone a very nice playing cue for many years.