Recollection Cues

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Once again ... another great looking cue by Cory Barnhart.  This one is a classic design -- simple, but sharp.  Beautiful holly and ebony recut points into a cocobolo nose, with a cocobolo butt sleeve.  It's typical of the classy designs Cory incorporates into his great playing cues.

These holly "veneers" just want to jump out of this cue, and form the perfect transition between the ebony and cocobolo.  The boxed effect at the bottom of the points provides a great accent.  The work Cory does with his recut points is phenomenal, they are so precise.

Inlaid at the base of each point, and around the butt sleeve, are classic mother of pearl "snowflakes", or slotted diamonds.  For added accent, Cory did his meticulous silver dots, forming a simple but elegant ringwork design. 
He finishes it all with a black linen wrap that he has heavily pressed, and that feels great in your hand.  And, like with the other Barnhart cues I'm offering, this one comes with a radial pin, two 13mm shafts made from the 50 year-old air dried maple, with his unique ferrule design.  These shafts have at least a 30 per inch grain count, and contribute to the great playability of the cue. 

This is really an exquisite cue, and has a lot of nice features that make it a smart buy.  It weighs 19.4 oz, and I'm offering it for $1950 -- a great cue at a great price.