Recollection Cues

Collectible Cues, Cases & Quality Players


These "sneaky pete" cues are a new concept from Travis Niklich at Blackcreek cues - a quality player's cue with no frills at a good price.  Best of all, each one is constructed from one of his custom built full splice blanks, and has his classic full splice hit.  You have to play with one to appreciate how much cue you're getting for the money.

He's only made eight of these so far and I was able to get three of them, but only have one left.  It comes with one 13mm shaft with an LBM ferrule.  It's fitted with a radial pin and a flat faced wood to wood joint.  These are really true "sneakie petes."  The only thing that gives them away from a stick off the rack is the Hoppe-style butt plate and the outstanding quality of  the hand-selected purpleheart wood in the butts.  If you're a purpleheart fan, you'll love these.

The quality and fit of the full splice blanks that Travis makes is outstanding.  The points line up perfectly, and his  construction makes for a great playing cues.  The birdseye maple in the noses of this cue is very white, and it's a great contrast against the purpleheart.  It's a very simple, traditional, yet pretty cue.

These cues are going to be hard to get, as I don't expect Travis to make very many of them.  I only have two left, and they are both made from straight grain purpleheart (18.7 and 18.8 oz).  (I have a picture above of a "mottled" one, but it is gone.)  However, they're all pretty.  Each cue is signed and dated.