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Since I began handling Ariel's cue, I have been impressed with their fit, finish, and especially, selection of woods.  The cocobolo and snakewood he is finding should be the envy of almost any cuemaker.  This cue is a typical example.  The quality of the snakewood he is using is as good as I've seen anywhere. 

I love the design of this one. He starts with a basic six point design, with three long and three short snakewood points into an ebony nose.  But then he really dresses it up by adding a three part segmented handle of ebony, divided by double nickel rings with Ariel's trademark diamonds of ivory.  The ebony is very black and clean.

He uses these same rings throughout the cue, at all locations in the butt and also in the shaft ring collars.  He goes on to add an ivory butt cap and joint.
I don't get a lot of wrapless cues, so if that's what you're looking for, this cue might be the one for you.  There's a lot of work in this cue for the money, and it will make a great player that will attract a lot of attntion.

This one comes with two 13mm shafts with LBM ferrules.  It's built with a flat-faced ivory joint with a 3/8 X 10 black resin G10 pin, and weighs 19.8 ounces.  I hit a few balls with it (Don't worry - I didn't chalk it!) because I wanted to be able to say how it hit.  My opinion - I was impressed with how well it hit.

He completes this stick with his standard short LBM ferrules, which is what he likes to use for playability purposes when he's not using ivory.  The quality of the wood in these shafts is excellent.  This is a great value at this price.
    PRICE:  $2575