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Ariel Carmeli continues to be one of the cuemakers who puts a tremendous amount of work in his cues for the money.  This one is a good example.  Where else can you find a quality four-point veneered cue - that hits great - with 86 ivory inlays in this price range?

I call this cue the "Stardust" because the pattern of notched diamonds and dots in the butt sleeve remind me of the sign that used to flash in front of the old Stardust Casino in Las Vegas.  Of course, that sign is no longer there, but you can still get the flavor of it every time you pick up this cue!

The butt sleeve is of solid, dark black ebony, framed at top and bottom with Ariel's favorite rings.  He then adds an elaborate pattern of notched ivory diamonds and dots that not only fill up the space, but give the cue a classy and expensive look. 

What I like as much as the classy butt sleeve is the beautiful veneers.  He starts with four ebony points inlaid into a nice maple nose with the same notched diamond and dot pattern as in the sleeve.  Then he adds four veneers, starting with maple, then light blue, then bright blue, then ebony on the outside to tie it all together.  Together, they look great, and the overall color pattern jumps out at you without being overdone.

As usual, Ariel doesn't scrimp when it comes to ringwork.  He applies his fancy ivory and nickel silver rings (each one includes seven separate ivory diamonds), and places them at all locations - at the butt cap, below and above the wrap, at the joint and on the shaft ring collars.

He applies a nicely textured black leather wrap that has a nice feel to it and is very attractive.  It's a nice complement to the overall look of the cue.

There were no corners cut when he put this one together.  He adds a solid ivory joint and butt cap.  Both pieces have nice grain and color.

He built it with his modified 3/8X10 steel pin, with a flat face.  It's the way he builds most of his cues, and like his others, it plays very well.
It comes with two 13mm shafts and weighs 18.6 ounces.  Each shaft is topped with his short LBM ferrules for great playability.  The wood in the shafts is extra clean and white. 
This cue is really priced reasonably at $2800.