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Here's a rare and hard to find cue from Chris Byrne in Colorado.  Generally he makes only a half-dozen cues or so a year, so they come few and far between.  I was fortunate to come by this one in new condition, unplayed and unchalked. 

This is a very pretty, traditionally styled cue - a butt sleeve of ebony, with ebony points into a birdseye maple nose - dressed up with some fancy rings and beautiful veneers.

Each time I look at this stick I can't get over how good-looking the veneers are.  They are very traditional colors, and it doesn't seem like they should stand out as much as they do, but they do.  The work is very precise and tight, and I think that adds to the overall impression they give.

His points are always very long - coming to within less than an inch of the joint - and they are always very sharp and very even.  All of his work is very tight and meticulously done.

The butt sleeve is of gorgeous deep black ebony.  It is framed at the top and bottom by nice ring sets made from two silver rings with small ivory squares set diagonally, with silver dots inlaid into them.  He then repeats this same pattern above the wrap, at the joint, and on the ring collars of the shafts.

The veneer colors are black, green, orange and white - all separated with black construction paper to give them their distinct look.

He finishes it off with a black Spanish bull leather wrap that is supple and pretty - feels good and looks good.

Another close look at the pretty rings.

The butt cap, joint and ferrules of this cue are all white eforyn.  It's a nice balance and combination of colors throughout.

It's built with a brass radial pin in a flat-faced joint. It's 59 inches long and weighs 20.2 ounces.  It comes with two 13mm shafts of premium hard-grained maple, with LBM ferrules and Moori medium tips.

This is a cue that's more difficult to find than most others.  In fact, on any given day it's easier to find a nice Searing, Showman, or Mobley than it is to find a Byrne.  But the real reason to buy it is because it's a great looking cue, extremely well-built, that plays lights out.