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Eddie Cohen of California has become one of the preeminent cuemakers working today.  He doesn't make a large number of cues, instead focusing on quality, great designs and meticulous work.  Buying one of his sticks is like getting a guarantee you'll like what you get.

This design is based on a simple concept - four points of ebony into a maple nose, with a maple butt sleeve with veneered windows.  But that's where "simple" ends.  There are lots of extras in this design.

Start by looking at the veneers, both on the points and around the windows.  There are four layers of veneer - black, blue, maple and blue again, all separated by black paper.  The corners on the windows and the points are all sharp and precise.  And, the color stands out and intensifies the great overall look of this stick.

He uses the same inlay pattern in the base of the points and in the windows, consisting of a stylized notched diamond with two white dots, all of Juma.

The curly maple in the nose is nicely ringed with great figure and color.

The rings used throughout the cue, and on the shafts and joint protectors, are fairly complicated.  Each one consists of two brown rings, with a white ring in the middle intermittently interrupted by small checks of veneer matching the colors in the other veneers in the cue.

His points are sharp and even, as always.

Another feature of this cue are the bridged points.  This design features enhances the look of almost any cue, and it certainly adds attractiveness here.

He adds a nice black wild Scotch grain leather wrap, expertly applied.  It not only looks great, it feels even better.

As usual, he engraves his name/logo in the white butt cap.

Everything about this stick smacks of sheer class and elegance.

It is made with a Juma butt cap and joint, and it comes with a set of joint protectors, all with matching ringwork.  It has a stainless steel 3/8X10 pin in a flat-faced joint.

It is made with Tomahawk ferrules and Kamui Black soft tips.  It is 58 inches long and weighs 19.3 ounces (butt: 15.5, shafts 3.8 and 3.8). It comes with two 13mm shafts of Eddie's premium maple.  This is a great looking cue with a hit to match, and lots of extras.