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Here is an all carbon fiber Break cue made by Steve Dunkel.  He uses the "PUNISHER" skull design as an inlay, in this case in orange marbelized phenolic, and then matches the color and material in the ringwork.

Some pretty fancy ringwork for a break cue.  And the shaft and butt are full-length carbon fiber.  Great looking cue, and even greater presentation effect with the matching joint protectors.  This is a "Wow" cue - everytime you pull it out of your case, somebody will say "Wow!"

But, the most important thing is how it breaks.  This cue crushes the balls.  It weighs 20.3 ounces, and is ideal for someone who doesn't hit the balls overly hard, and needs the cue to do some of the extra work.  (The shaft has a purpleheart core under the CF to make it a bit heavier.)

The Punisher skull pattern is displayed prominently.

It is fitted with a red phenolic tip by Dunkel.

The joint protectors (built by Dunkel) have complementary ringwork using the matching orange color, and the Punisher design on the cap of each.

The carbon fiber material is not only a superior material - light and strong - it looks great as well.

This cue is pre-owned, but shows virtually no sign of use.  It is in mint, like new, condition.   It is made 59-1/2 inches lonog for extra follow-through.

Steve charged $650 for this cue, and $140 for the joint protectors, for a total of $790.   I'll let this one go for $650 plus $20 shipping.  It's like getting the joint protectors free!