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This was a cue I knew I had to buy the moment I saw it.  In addition to being one of the prettiest cues I've ever seen, it is the first box cue made by Mike.  That alone adds to the collectibility.  (A friend of mine has the first box cue EVER made, which happens to be by Ernie Gutierrez at Ginacue, and I hate to speculate on what that one's worth!)

Every once in awhile, I see a cue that I just know I have to buy.  Even though I know I'm just "renting" it for awhile to put on this website, I know that I'm going to be proud to own it, if even for a short time.  This cue is one of those.

The pictures of this cue lack the ability to show very little of the appeal of the Korean awabie shell.  I tried perhaps 50 different shots with all types of lighting and only a couple give a hint of what it looks like in person.  When you hold this cue in your hand, the shell looks like it is on fire under the surface, or perhaps like some sort of supernova, waiting to erupt.  So, please keep that in mind as you view the pictures - this cue is one that you really have to see in person to fully appreciate. 

Each year or two an event is held called the International Cue Collector Show (ICCS) and for that event each attending cuemaker is asked to submit a cue built along a common theme.  In 2017 the theme was "Box Cues", and this cue was Mike Durbin's submission. At the end of the event, each cue is auctioned off in a silent auction, and I couldn't resist it.

A lot of people will look at this cue and think it's too beautiful to play with.  However, I think not playing with this cue could be a shame.  It's a Durbin cue, and when I think of Durbin, I think of playing cues, and I know he would like nothing better than to see it become someone's player.

I took lots of pictures of this cue, and was disappointed that I cannot get the Wabi shell to glimmer and glow the way it does when you hold it in your hand and see it in person. Although the pictures do a poor job of showing that, but I hope that a couple of these at least give you the idea.

The amount of work in this cue is incredible - keep in mind this is all pantagraph work, not CNC.  That means lots and lots and lots of hand piecing.  And just take a look at the execution - there's not a flaw anywhere.  

He wraps this with a brown elephant ear wrap, which is more brown than it appears in the pictures.  I had so much light on the cue trying to get the Awabi shell to show that the wrap looks a little pinkish.

It would take a long time to try and describe all the inlay and design in this stick, so I'm going to let the pics do the talking.  Also, I encourage you to read the letter that Mike submitted with the cue at the show.  What's important to say is that it's constructed of maple burl with a premium Gabon ebony forearm, with inlays of ebony, silver, Korean Awabi Shell and dots of mother of pearl.  It's unique, beautiful and stunning, all at the same time.

Notice that on one side of the LBM butt cap he inscribes "ICCS 2017 - Special Collection", and on the other side "Durbin", his traditional logo.

And of course, he adds a beautiful set of custom joint protectors with all the extras.  

He builds it with a 3/8 X 11 G10 pin in a flat-faced joint.  It comes with two 13mm shafts with LBM ferrules and LePro tips.  This is a stunning, amazing cue that is as rare as it is beautiful.
PRICE:  $10,000 plus shipping