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Here is a superb new cue from the Durbin shop.  It is also unusual, having a nose made from Snakewood, with ebony points and an ebony butt sleeve.  He dressed it up a lot with bridged point and lots of silver inlay work, and it is a knockout.

A chance to get any new Durbin cue these days is rare, and they seldom last long.  The last six or seven cues I've had from Mike haven't even made it to my website - I sold them before I could even take pictures and put them up, so this is a rare opportunity.

There is a lot of work in this stick.  The points are bridged, a difficult and time-consuming process, but well worth the while in this high powered cue.  In addition, he adds a lot of silver inlay work, with large silver rectangles and many silver dots.

He builds it with very classy rings of ebony and silver.  He then puts those rings above the butt cap, below and above the wrap, at the joint, on the shaft ring collars and finally, on the three custom joint protectors.  Each ring is made of long silver rectangles banding the cue, all perfectly embedded in ebony.  The veneers are very fine and delicate.

This one has beautiful snakewood forearm, with an ebony butt sleeve.  It has great color and shows the rare snakewood grain.  A lot of cuemakers won't attempt snakewood cues, because it's difficult to find good, large pieces, and it's not the easiest wood to work with.

This cue has a business-like, subtle look to it.  The long ebony points look great against the snakewood nose, with thin, low-key veneers.

He adds a white elforyn butt cap and joint, with his logo and name engraved in the cap.

I like everything about this cue, but I especially like the butt sleeve design.  He inlays a snakewood window, and then inlays a long silver rectangle within that.  To add to it, he does a great job polishing all the silver so that it shines almost like a mirror.

I love the silver work.  There's lots of it - every dot you see in these pics is silver.  And, the larger pieces are highly polished.

I love the bridged points at the base.  They always take more time in construction, but they alway add a great look to the cue.

He wraps the handle with a nice piece of black elephant hide, with a nice feel to it, and it looks beautiful on the stick.

He builds it with his usual 3/8 X 11 stainless steel pin in a flat faced joint.  Then he adds a special matching set of joint caps made of matching ebony and snakewood.
It comes with two 13mm shafts of Mike's premium maple with a semi-pro taper, elforyn ferrules and LePro tips.  It weighs 19.0 ounces and is 58 inches long. 

This cue is a rare, difficult find.