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This is another Ginacue that you have to see to believe.  Pictures just don't do it justice.  With Ginacues so difficult to get now, one like this in new condition is a real find.  When he made this one, he pulled out all the stops - it's loaded with about every extra you can get from the Gutierrez shop.

He starts this cue with a nose and butt sleeve of his special rock hard maple, and then adds six points going up and down - three long points of highly figured snakewood and three shadow points of pure white ivory.

One of the very nice "extras" on this cue is the upgraded rings.  They run up the price a bit, but they're worth it.  There are actually two upgrades over his standard rings.  First, he puts a delicate ivory ring on both sides of the silver ring.  Second, he uses the snakewood in them as well, alternating small silver, ivory and snakewood boxes continuously around the cue.  Each of these upgrades requires an increase in price from Ernie.  He places these rings at the butt cap, above and below the wrap, at the joint, on the shaft collars and on the butt joint protector - six places in all.  

However, the real crowning achievement on this cue is the addition of the silver veneers framing all the points.  They add so much to any of Ernie's many designs.  They always add considerable cost, but they are the final and overriding contribution to what becomes a standout cue.

The pictures below show two additional upgrades.  One is the gorgeous brown lizard wrap which complements the rest of this cue perfectly.  The other is the silver medallion with the engraved Ginacue logo inlaid in the solid ivory butt cap.  Like I said, this cue has all the extras!

As with all of the recent-era Ginas, it is signed under on the nose under the finish -- "Ernie Gutierrez, Ginacue."

This is one of my favorite Ginacue designs.  I love the boxed points, and I particularly like the way the ivory points bleed into the ivory rings below them without the ebony veneer cutting them off at their bottoms.

Unbelievable silver veneers and ringwork!

It includes fancy joint protectors, of course.  The joint is solid ivory, made into a piloted joint using Ernie's 5/16X18 stainless steel pin.  They take awhile to screw together, but when they cinch up, they play lights out!

To add to the excitement, presentation and value of this cue, I've added a $1000 Alton joint protector for the butt. It is snakewood, with ivory beads to form a "crown" and the Ginacue logo.  It is a fitting addition to this "King of Cues."

And, of course, the shafts have ivory ferrules.

It comes with two 13mm shafts made from Ernie's special shaftwood that goes through a ten year cutting process.  It weighs 19.1 ounces.  It is in new condition - unchalked.