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Here is a rare find - an original old Joss.  Not a new, production model Joss, but an authentic vintage one from the days when Bill Stroud and Danny Janes were still together.  It's in the original condition in which I found it, and although it has a few battle scars, I've decided to sell it just as it is without any restoration. 

This stick has a distinct Bill Stroud "look" about it.  The design is similar to a lot of things he did later, after he and Danny split up and Bill was making Josswest cues.  The little rectangle with the cut-off corners and the short veneers running through each end eventually became an inlay pattern used a lot among the top cue makers, including Tad and Ginacue.  I'm not sure who did it first, but I'm relatively sure if Bill were here, he'd say it was him.

Except for the delrin butt cap, everything in the cue that is white is ivory.  The butt cap itself is engraved with the Joss trademark.

Another unique thing about this cue is on the opposite side of the butt cap there is a nickname engraved - "BRO" - which I assume was that of the original owner.  I don't know anything about him.

The forearm of this cue looks great - four long points of ebony, with a "flame" combination of veneers.  In the base of each point is short veneer bar going into an ivory dot.

The ring pattern used is ivory with ebony dashes - a classic pattern that he repeats throughout the stick.

As I remarked earlier, this stick shows considerable use, and the finish is shipped in various places.  It still has the original Cortland wrap, common at that time, but hard to find now.

Each ivory window is framed in black veneer, and then the whole window pattern is enclosed in a yellowish veneer framework.

A nice closeup of the veneers ...

As always with Bill, nice sharp, even points, perfect inlays and meticulous work.

A bonus with this stick is that it has three original shafts (3.4 oz, 3.5 oz, and 3.0 oz).  All are in very good shape.  Two are very straight and one has a typical age wobble that a lot of old shafts have.  All have ivory ferrules.

It's made with a flat-faced joint with a 3/8X10 steel pin.  A lot of people believe this joint with this pin on Bill's old cues made for the best hit ever.  This cue is a good example - it still plays great.  It weighs 19.3 with two of the shafts, but because the third is a little lighter, weighs about 18.9 with that one.

Structurally, the cue is sound, except for a crack in the ivory joint.  Yet, the cue still plays remarkably well.  It doesn't make any unwanted sound, or feel funny in any way.  I got this cue from Mark Griffin, owner of Griffs in Las Vegas, and he still occasionally played with it.  He had many fine cues to choose from, but felt this was one of his best playing cues.

It even still has what looks to be the original bumper on the butt, still in good shape, even though the rubber has considerably hardened through the years.

This is a remarkable old vintage cue, all in original condition.  I wish I knew who "Bro" was, as it might add even more provenance to it.  Regardless, it is a piece of cue history, and an excellent example of Bill's early work, showing the direction he was going just before his split with Joss cues.  I'm showing it in original condition, not wanting to alter its original configuration.  It is priced as such. This leaves the option of keeping it original, or having it restored, to its next owner.   (If I had it restored, the cost would go up considerably.)
PRICE: $3000 plus shipping.