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A week never goes by that I don't get a couple of customers looking for custom made break cues.  These are very hard to get, since most good cuemakers just don't want to build them.  It takes them as long to make a good break cue as it does to make a nice merry widow cue, which normally sells for twice as much, so they would prefer to just not make the break cues. 
So, rather than continue to just have to say "I'm out of stock on those.", I can now say I don't have any custom built break cues in stock, but I do have the best "production" break cues available.
After test hitting a great many of the different varieties on the market, I chose the Jacoby "BlackOut" break cues with the carbon fiber shafts.  I think these break as well as any on the market, they are reasonably price, and they are very slick looking. 

All the Jacoby break cues and jump/break cues are built with a stainless steel radial pin, and all have the proprietary Jacoby carbon fiber shafts.  All shafts are 13.1 mm.

These are made with the special Jacoby "ebonized" butt, with a carbon fiber shaft, and have the special Jacoby hard break tip - hard enough to not lose energy, but soft enough to give you a little control.


The glossy, all black finish is attractive all on its own, and the slick
"Blackout" logo adds some pizazz, but the decorative white ring at the butt of each one adds one final touch of class.

In my opinion, one of the biggest mistakes many players make, even very good players, is not using a break cue that is designed exclusively for breaking.  Either from a lack of knowledge, are maybe a lack of willingness to spend the extra money for a specialized piece of equipment, they try to use one of their old cues as their everyday breaker.
This is really a false premise.  Break cues are designed totally different than a traditional playing cue and simply stated, they just break much better than any traditional playing cue, which is built differently.
Break cues have different tips, different shaft tapers, different balance and weight placement within the cue, and are engineered specifically to keep all  the energy in the forward stroke focused on going forward into the cue ball and eventually the rack.  Traditional playing cues can't do that.  They aren't stiff enough and lose too much energy as the shaft and even part of the butt vibrates and bends under a high energy strike. 

These are really slick-looking cues - solid, shiny black with the cool "BlackOut" logo, and a very pretty white accent ring at the butt cap.  And, they have a deadly look about them overall, like they're meant for serious business.

MSRP: $620
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