Recollection Cues

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These are made with the Jacoby "Ebonized" butt with a carbon fiber shaft.  The butt, of course, breaks down just above the handle, leaving you with a   inch long jump cue that jumps as good as anything I've ever used, that is, within legal limits.  These get the ball up in the air in a hurry, and when the full butt is intact, they break a ton.  The CF shaft is tapered stiffly to minimize any distortion upon strike, and to focus all the energy through the cue ball.  They have a black phenolic tip - a little harder than their standard break tip to give greater lift to the cue ball when jumping.

These sticks, like the straight break cues, really break well, and the fact that the butt breaks down to become a jumper doesn't seem to take away from their breaking capability.  And unlike traditional playing cues, they are stronger, stiffer, have a special tip, and tapered to focus all of the stroke energy through the tip and into the cue ball.  They break as good as they jump.

They're built with a radial pin with an Implex joint collar.  The shaft is 13.1 mm and have a one piece phenolic tip and ferrule.  They come in assorted weights.

The stick has a second steel pin just above the handle, so that it can quickly break down for the purpose of jumping.  A very thin white fiber ring protects the joint edges at this point.

The decorative white ring at the butt cap adds a pretty bit of pizazz to this already slick-looking cue.

These are really good-looking cues - solid shiny black, with the very cool "BlackOut" logo, all contributing to the solid black deadly look.

Suggested manufacturer's retail on these cues is $695.  See below for our price.

They are built with a hard phenolic tip - good for breaking and terrific for jumping. 

Each one is built with a solid stainless steel radial pin.

MSRP:  $695 
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