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Jerry McWorter has been making high end cues that are very playable for many years.  His designs are always unique, but they definitely have a look of their own - you can usually spot a McWorter from across the room.  This design, "the Venetian", is one of my favorites.

He has always been known for his work with fine silver.  This cue shows why.  Its long elegant veneers, flowing in aesthetically pleasing directions, is silver work at its finest.  

This stick uses ebony points, highlighted with lots of intricate silver work, all in a beatiful amboyna burl forearm and butt sleeve.    The pattern goes up into the nose and then in the opposite direction into the butt sleeve, radiating out from the handle.

I love the way he places a white ring above and below the wrap with a concentric silver ring.  He uses this device frequently on his cues, and always frames the wrap nicely.

As usual, he engraves his logo (name) in the butt cap, with the cue's serial number for identification.   In addition to the black phenolic butt cap, he adds a matching black phenolic joint.

He builds it with a black textured leather wrap, perfectly applied, with his "West Coast" embossed circle at the top and bottom.  Jerry has been known for a long time among other cuemakers as being one of the best in applying a wrap and making the seam virtually disappear.

There are only a few cuemakers that do silverwork of this quality.  And it adds so much to the cue - it comes alive when in motion.

He adds a nice matching butt cap for the butt, and generic caps for the shafts.  This cue comes with two 13 mm shafts of Jerry's low deflection design.  Everything white in this cue is elforyn.  The joint is flat faced with a stainless steel 3/8X10 pin.

This cue weighs 19.3 ounces, and plays great, like all McWorters.
PRICE:  $5650 plus shipping