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Jerry continues to be at the top of his trade with his beautiful, flowing designs, great wood choices, wonderful silver work, and meticulous workmanship.  He is known for elaborate designs, but The Victorian is one of his fanciest.   This one is built from Thuya burl and ebony.

This is one of Jerry's cues that I bought a number of years ago, and only recently decided to sell.  It's still in new, unplayed condition and, having been made some time ago, was built with ivory.

As I mentioned above, this is one of Jerry's fanciest, and most complex designs.  Also, it is one of his most difficult to build, which is why he's made so few.  It has large "globes" of inlay at the bottom of each point, and also in the butt sleeve, each made from ivory, ebony, fine silver, and diamonds of colorful paui shell. 

The unique design allows him to form large "droplets" of ebony above and below the wrap.  This is one of the most complex designs I've seen on any cue anywhere.  It's difficult to see how he even imagined it, let alone build it.

At the tips of the points in the nose and the reverse points in the butt sleeve, he has tapered silver veneers delicately balance small  ivory diamonds.  All of this, of course, takes place on the sheer black ebony background. 

This unique and outstanding design is delicately framed and outlined in pure silver.  It is one of the most complex and beautiful designs I've seen.

As always, Jerry engraves his name and the identifying cue number on the butt cap.

Above and below the handle, he frames the beautiful black textured leather wrap with a wide ivory ring.  It sets off the handle section perfectly.

The paui shell diamonds inside each globe of ivory is perhaps the highlight of this design.

A couple more pictures of this gorgeous cue ...

Jerry always uses the finest leather on his cues, and he does one of the finest wraps in the business.  They always appear to be seamless.

At the joint, he almost always uses a tight, narrow double silver ring, both on the cue and on the shaft ring collars, and that's what he did on this one.  He builds all his cues with his own modified 3/8X10 stainless steel pin in a flat faced configuration.  His cues have a reputation for outstanding playability - a soft, firm hit that hits consistently, time after time.
This one comes with two shafts with long ivory ferrules and Moori layered tips.  It weighs 19.0 ounces.  This is a special opportunity ... finding an older McWorter in new condition with ivory is a unique find, very collectible and playable at the same time.  For someone looking for the best of the best, here you have it.