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Here is another very pretty merry widow style cue from Cheng at North Demon.  While most merry widows are very basic designs and can sometimes appear a bit stodgy, his are usually dressed up using very pretty woods and adding a few classy rings, as is the case here.

This one uses beautiful amboyna burl and curly maple as its principal materials, and the combination of the two makes a very, very pretty cue.

The amboyna is a pretty, rich honey color with nice burl and figure. 

The curly maple is a bright blonde color, also with nice grain and figure.

The rings are, as usual from North Demon, made from intricately inlaid pieces of silver, and additionally inlaid bits of abalone.  They are perfectly built and add a superlative touch to finish off this pretty stick.

He adds an elforyn joint in white, another nice touch.

Below, another close-up of the wood and ring work in this stick.

Beautiful amboyna burl ...

He is generous with his use of the rings in this cue, using them at all locations - above the butt cap, below and above the handle, at the joint and on the ring collar of the shaft.

A close-up of the curly maple in the handle.

The value of this stick goes beyond its beautiful appearance.  It plays as good as it looks.  All these cues are individually fine-tuned by Cheng to be great players.  It comes with one shaft of his finest maple, with a stiff, yet soft hit, and a conical taper with very little deflection.  He uses Juma for the ferrules and adds one of his proprietary green layered North Demon tips. 
It weighs 16.9 ounces and comes with a set of weight bolts giving you the option of making it weigh exactly what you want it to.  It is 58 inches long.

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