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Anyone who has followed the career of Chris Nitti through the years already knows that he has designed and built some of the most creative cues ever built.  This one was his contribution to the "Maritime Special Collection" in 2010 at the International Cue Collector Show in Sarasota, Florida.

I saw this cue when it was first shown, and the striking image of the stylized "light houses" made into flowing, elegant points in the forearm never left my memory.  When I recently had the opportunity to acquire it, I jumped at the chance.

In the butt sleeve, he builds a "rocky shore" consisting of 26 pieces of maple, surrounded by a blue Dymondwood ocean.  In his letter accompanying the cue, Chris states "Rising out of the rocks are ivory lighthouses, shining with sterling silver rays of light.  The night sky in this scene also features an ivory moon surrounded by silver stars."

Chris said he wanted this cue to show a "Captain's view" at night of lighthouses guiding the way.  He chose ebony for the background to depict a night sky.  The forearm is inlayed with ivory lighthouses striped with red Dymondwood topped off with sterling silver beacons. 

Hovering above the light houses in the forearm is an ivory "full moon" with floating blue Dymondwood clouds.  Twinkling around the moon are sterling silver stars.

Take a close look at the work in the butt of this stick, and keep in mind that Chris uses "old school" technology.  It's all pantagraph work, and nobody does it better.  Look at the detail in the rocks above and all 26 pieces are handfitted to create the rocky shore.

He uses deco rings with small pieces of ivory and various veneer colors to create the image of nautical flags - another cool idea.  He put a lot of thought into this fine stick.

At the top of each lighthouse, he depicts the windows of the lighthouse with a square silver block.

Since this cue has been in a private collection all these years, it has been carefully displayed and never played, or even chalked.  This is a strikingly unique cue that is very collectible, and like all Nittis, very playable if someone wishes.

The ivory in this cue is beautiful.  I've tried to capture the smooth texture of it in these pictures, but it doesn't show very well.  But trust me, it's gorgeous!

I love the way he uses the silver dots to create the illusion of a nighttime sky. 

He wraps the handle with a nicely textured black leather.  It looks good and feels even better in the hand.

According to Chris, he said he built the custom joint protector for the butt to picture an ivory ship returning home.  Again, more ivory, and a nice set of protectors.

No shortage of work - or imagination - in this stick!

He builds this cue the way he builds all his cues, with a stainless steel radial pin, this time in a solid ivory joint.  It comes with two 13mm shafts with ivory ferrules.  It weighs 19.3 ounces, surprisingly light for an ebony cue.  It also comes with the original letter Chris wrote when he submitted the cue to the ICCS.

This is a very collectible, striking cue.  The amount of ivory in it certainly makes it unique, and the fact that it is unplayed and in mint condition makes even more remarkable.  Best of all, it plays like a Nitti.