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If you want to own a cue that you'll never get tired of looking at, this stick's for you.  This cue has over a thousand inlays in it, and I challenge anyone to look at this stick and not be amazed.  ESPECIALLY when you realize this is not a CNC computer-generated cue.  It's all done by pantagraph - every groove and slot cut in by hand, and every inlay meticulously laid in by hand. 

Before I go any further with my description of this cue, I want to remind everyone that Chris Nitti makes GREAT playing cues.  He is known as a player's cuemaker and 95% of his sticks are probably priced under $3000, most of those under $2000, with merry widows and four pointers leading the pack.  He knows how a cue should hit and never varies his process; they are some of the most consistent cues on the market.

A quick glance will tell you how this cue quickly acquired the "Pac-Man" nickname.  At its core, it's a solid ebony cue with some pretty rings.  It's what's in the cue between those rings that makes it one of the most unique and pretty cues ever made - a "Pac-Man" type maze that boggles the mind.

This was Chris' entry in the "Cue of the Year" competition at the 2018 Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo, where it didn't quite win, but did garner lots and lots of votes.  While I know he would have loved to win the competition, he had considerable consolation when he was named "Cuemaker of the Year" at the American Cuemakers Banquet on Saturday evening.  It was an honor he much deserves.

The uniqueness of this cue doesn't end with the butt.  It comes with two shafts, one with matching ringwork for everyday play, and a second for show, or play, if you want.  Chris builds the fancy shaft with a two inch long collar and then actually inlays into this to give it an added flair.  It smacks of some of the classic old Brunswick cues and it is a very nice touch.

It is signed under the finish on the white elforyn butt cap.  The butt cap matches the white elforyn joint sleeve.  There is no ivory in this cue.

The amount of work and inlay in the cue is outdone only by the quality of this work.  Chris is known for his careful, meticulous construction, but it's hard to imagine doing this much handwork in a cue without a couple of slips or minor flaws - at least a misaligned corner, somewhere.  But after staring at this cue for numerous hours now, I can't find a flaw anywhere.

He builds it with a flat-faced joint with wood under an elforyn sleeve, with a stainless steel radial pin, which is the construction he uses on all his cues.  

It comes with two 13mm shafts with the two different ring collars as shown above.  It has elforyn ferrules with Moori medium tips.  This is not only a work of art and geometry, it's a great playing stick.  It's not cheap, but one look tells you why it's not.  It is, however, definitely one-of-a-kind!