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                             TIM SCRUGGS

This is a terrific older Tim Scruggs cue in the best of the Scruggs tradition.  Now that he's no longer building cues, good ones like this in mint condition are getting hard to find.  Many have already landed in private collections.  This one was made to play.

This cue is a basic four pointer, dressed for an evening out.  He uses a pretty blue and white veneer combination to highlight the points, and builds it in his traditional "blocked" point design, with ivory spear heads between each one.  As a backdrop, he started with a very nice piece of birds-eye maple.

In the ebony butt sleeve, he added four beautiful rectangular cut pieces of abalone, surrounded by a curved rectangle of ivory.  In between each, he adds a "fiddle" ivory design.   I'm not always a fan of abalone, but these pieces are so pretty that they really add a lot to the cue.

To finish it off, he added an nickel rings at the joint and a nice tectured black leather wrap, adding to the elegance and value of the cue. 
Scruggs made solid, players' cues for many years.  This one is very typical of his work. It is built with a stainless steel piloted joint and comes with two 13mm shafts with ivory ferrules and weighs 18.9 ounces with one shaft, 19.0 even with the other.  (Butt: 15.3, shafts 3.6 and 3.7.)
This cue is in excellent condition, but has been played before I cleaned it up.  Although it looks almost new, it is not.
PRICE: $2750