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Once again Jon Spitz has done a nice job with a basic idea.  He has taken one of John Davis' full splice blanks, kept it simple, yet added some nice little star inlays into the ring pattern to make a clean and classy cue.

To begin, this cue has an Indian cocobolo butt sleeve and points, with a very pretty set of veneers. - ebony, green, blue, and finally maple.  The maple nose has a nice birdseye pattern.

As usual with Davis blanks the points come together uniformly at the handle and the points line up nicely at the ends.  For John Davis fans, they don't come much nicer.

In the butt sleeve, he adds two sets of rings with matching veneers from the points, and ties them together with tiny inlaid ivory stars.  They're perfectly formed and inlaid, and very delicate.  He then adds the same ring pattern at the joint.  They add a nice touch to this cue.
He also adds an ivory ring in the butt sleeve which really complements the rest of the cue while contributing another, extra touch of class.

He adds a double-black linen butt cap and then adds a final flourish by wrapping it in a black and white ringtail lizard skin.  It looks great, and feels good in the hand.  Some of the ringtails are a little too rough for me on a playing cue, but I wouldn't have a bit of trouble playing with this one. 

A few more pictures...

He completes this cue by building in a flat-faced LBM joint with his favorite 3/8 X 10 stainless steel modified pin.  It comes with two 13mm shafts with Juma ferrules and black medium Kamui tips.  It weighs 19.4 ounces.
This is an outstanding cue for the money.   It looks good and is a great player.  (There's a lot of value in this cue - just look up the cost of John Davis blanks!)

This cue was originally $1950 plus shipping.  IT IS NOW PRICED AT $1750 SHIPPED.