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Here is another magnificent cue by Pete Tonkin, one of the premier cuemakers in the industry today.  This cue is based on a new design of his that he has now made in five colors.  I originally had the one he made in green, which sold quickly, and now have the red one and this blue one.  (He has also made this design in orange and yellow.)

Pete has won more major awards for cue builds in the past ten years than any other cuemaker, including recognition from not only the International Cue Collector Show, but from his peers in the American Cuemakers Association.  His designs are widely recognized for their beauty and construction.

This one is made in a beautiful sea blue, by utilizing a deep blue stabilized maple in the inlays and matching blue veneers.  The cue itself has a pretty curly hard-maple nose with sheer black ebony points and butt sleeve.

The butt sleeve is highlighted by large blue veneered windows with a pretty blue stabilized inlay in each, with blue fleur d'lis forming rings at the top and bottom.

The points are striking, with thick stacked blue veneers.  They are long and sharp.  At the base of each point he inlays a large fleur d'lis, and again, repeats the fleur d'lis ring pattern above the wrap.

To add a special effect to this gorgeous cue, he uses a special ringtail lizard in black and white.

He makes great use of the stabilized blue maple, using special cuts which really show off the natural curly effect of the wood.

Below is one more great view of the astounding work in this cue.  Pete's work is right at the top of this art form, mixing superb taste and vision with tight, meticulous work that is as good as it gets today.

The white material in this cue is all Supertusk, an "ivory look-alike" material that rivals the original natural material in almost all respects.  At the butt, he uses a white butt cap and a white ring, separated by a silver ring.  This ring pattern is repeated at the joint, on the ring collars of the shafts, and on the custom joint protectors.

As the pictures show, he used a special wrap on this one for the handle.  It's ringtail lizard, in white and black, but not the typical cut used on most occasions.  Typically, a "belly cut" is used.  In this case, the piece is a "back cut", which gives more smooth leather than normal.  The color is striking, and adds a special touch to this already special cue. 

As usual, Petes engraves his name/logo in the butt cap - one of the most prestigious names in cue making.

He builds it with his traditional 3/8X10 modified stainless steel pin in a flat-faced joint, and adds a beautiful set of matching joint protectors, with the Tonkin name engraved on their face, all of Supertusk, ebony and silver.

It comes with two 13mm shafts of premium tight-grained maple with aegis ferrules and Navigator tips.  It is 58 inches long.  This is a beautiful stick made by one of today's best cuemakers.