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Pete Tonkin, without a doubt one of the best cuemakers in the world, continues to turn out very slick looking sticks with his own distinct look.  This one features a unique diamond pattern in the butt sleeve with a very traditional and classy four point design in the nose, all set in a beautiful red maple burl.

Pete's designs are typically bold, non-apologetic designs that give his cues a distinctive and unique look.  The diamond pattern in the butt sleeve of this cue is typical of his work.  It's a beautiful and vivid pattern that catches and holds the eye.

In both the butt sleeve and in the base of each point he uses a solid diamond of fine silver - again, bright and bold.

The use of white juma as a "veneer" to outline the diamonds in the butt sleeve and the points in the nose is a great idea and provides a beautiful contrast in this stick.  The nose and butt sleeve are both of sheer black ebony, and it all comes together in a very rich, classy cue.

The veneers in the nose are perfect.  The two layers of white juma brightly show off the wide layers of red maple burl, and they look a lot like recut points.  As usual on his cues, the points are long and sharp, extending almost to the joint.

The ring pattern is super classy.  It's made with a white juma band outlined by two silver rings.  Each is inlaid with small silver diamonds, reminiscent of the large diamonds elsewhere in the stick.  He then uses this ring above the butt cap, below and above the wrap, at the joint, on the ring collars of the shafts and on the joint protectors.

And of course, he balances the whole thing perfectly color-wise with the white juma joint.

Opposite is another great shot of this very classy butt sleeve.

The figure in this burl is outstanding.

The wrap is a beautiful glossy black lizard leather, expertly applied.

As always, he engraves his name on the butt cap.

He includes a very nice set of custom joint protectors with matching ring work.

He builds it with a flat-faced joint with his large 3/8X10 modified stainless steel pin.  It comes with two shafts and has aegis ferrules with Navigator tips.  It weighs 19.0 ounces.
A final comment on this cue - don't think for a second that because Tonkin cues are so beautiful and artsy that they're built for show.  His cues are made to play, and they have a crisp, firm hit that even the best and most discriminating player will appreciate.  And his shafts are so well made with an outstanding taper and well-aged wood that deflection is kept to a minimum.