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Josh Treadway keeps proving that he not only has a great eye for design, but that he can also execute a good idea.  This cue is a good example.  You don't seem many pink ivory wood cues, and when you do, the pink ivory wood is usually used for points or inlays.  You seldom see a solid pink ivory wood nose.

This is a gorgeous cue.  It's traditional, but the detail and color makes it something special.  The pink ivory wood is pale pink and not overly bright.  The point veneers are colorful, and are repeated around the boxes in the sleeve.

Josh demonstrates his rapidly growing skills in building this cue, using EIGHT veneers on the three long ebony points and around the boxes.  You have to count them to believe it.  On the three shorter ivory points he uses five.  On the long points he inlays a nice little diamond on diamond pattern.

In the sleeve, he again uses the diamond on diamond inlay, this time centered in the pink ivory wood boxes.  Between each box, he builds in another ivory inlay pattern with a pink ivory wood diamond that helps tie the whole thing together without it being overdone.
There's a lot of ivory in this cue - in the butt cap, the joint, the inlays and the shaft ferrules.  Everything white is ivory.

I like the way he uses the eight veneer pattern again in building the rings, at the butt cap, above and below the wrap, at the joint and on the shaft collars.

He builds this one with a solid ivory piloted joint with a radial pin.  The fit and tolerances on this cue are really tight and the way it hits the ball reflects the extra patience and work. 

As usual, he engraves his trademark "T" logo into the ivory butt cap.

He adds a very pretty black elephant wrap to complete the great look of this outstanding cue.  Then, as one final touch of perfection, he builds a nice set of ebony joint protectors with ivory caps.  They are a great final touch.  Joint protectors like these not only add to the look of a cue, they add a lot of value as well.  If you ordered a set of protectors like these separately, they would cost a couple of hundred dollars.  I love seeing cuemakers doing this - I know they hate to spend the extra time, but it really builds value into the cue and makes me feel like I'm getting something special.

This cue comes with two 13mm shafts, ivory ferrules and LePro tips with black pads underneath to protect the ferrules and give the cue a slighter softer hit.  This cue will make someone a great playing cue.
PRICE: $3350.