Recollection Cues

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This is another excellent merry widow cue from Josh Treadway.  I've mentioned in my descriptions of his other cues that he is a new cuemaker working in Jim Buss' shop in St. Louis who is making some excellent cues.  What I like about him is that he's perfecting his work at this level before jumping ahead and trying to do too much.  Because of that, these basic cues are almost flawless.  And for the price, they're an excellent buy.

This cue is made from a nice hand-picked piece of zircote, highlighted with nickle silver rings layered with white fiber and black accents, and a finally, a black phenolic butt cap.  The ringwork is very nice for a cue in this price range.  For great playability, he fitted this cue with a flat faced wood to wood joint with a radial pin.
This one comes with two 13mm shafts with short Juma ferrules and LePro tips.  It has a very nice black mission grain leather wrap, and Josh does a very nice job hiding the seam.  (His wraps are better than some I've seen by people who have been doing it for many years.)

It weighs 19.3 ounces, and hits great.  PRICE:  $675.