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Zen Cues, made in China, are among the top cues being made in the world.  There are not many that have found their way to the U.S., but when you see one you always know it is special.
This is one that I obtained from a private collection that was very lightly played, and because the owner was extremely meticulous, he sent it back to Zen a year or so ago to have it refinished when he found a small finish scratch in the butt.  Zen completely redid the whole cue and it's like new now with the exception of some very slight sign of play on one shaft, and you have to look hard to find it.

As a merry widow cue, it is the simplest of designs, but with the added touches from Zen, especially the fancy fine silver rings, it turns out to be anything but a simple cue.

In addition to the rings, the maple in the handle is an outstanding feature.  It is very high grade curly maple, and it shows off perfectly in this cue.

The picture below shows how the cue came back from its refinishing.  The labels on the bases of the two shafts are just stick-ons, easily peeled off, but giving details on the shafts, weights, etc.  The joint and butt cap are made from Buffalo horn.  The caps on top of the joint protectors and ferrules are LBM (linen based material) - no ivory in this stick.

The two pics below are of the forearm of this cue, from opposing sides.  Notice the beauty of this wood, the great color, and the wonderful figure in the wood.  It is one gorgeous piece of cocobolo.

The cocobolo in the butt sleeve is equally impressive.  Great color and outstanding grain.

Here's another look at the high grade curly maple in the handle.

And another look at the forearm ...

Take a good look at these silver rings.  First, they are fine silver, not nickel silver.  Second, I was told by Azen Chen that he and his wife are partners in these.  He, with the help of a CNC lathe, cuts the grooves, and then his wife pushes the silver wire into the grooves by hand in one continuous piece.  Ten years ago, he was charging $250 per ring in each cue in which they were used.  In this cue, the nine rings represents a cost of $2250 - just by themselves.

He engraves his Zen logo on the buffalo horn butt cap.

An added value on this stick is a $300 custom-made Zen extension, 8 inches long and made of very slick looking carbon fiber, with the Zen logo embellished on the side.  It screws in through the rubber bumper. and has its own joint protector cap.

Even though this is an exceptionally beautiful stick, its appearance is only part of the package.  It is a superb playing cue as well.  This cue hits soft and solid, with medium stiffness and just an overall great hit.
It is built with a steel radial pin in a flat faced elforyn joint.    It comes with two 13mm shafts with eforyn ferrules and Moori tips.  It weighs 18.7 ounces, and is 58 inches long.  I can't say this cue is in "New" condition, but it's about as close as a stick can get to new without actually being new.  I'd put it at 98%.