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Here is a beautiful six point ebony cue from Ariel Carmeli, with a segmented Honduran rosewood burl handle and points.  It has very pretty ringwork throughout.

This is a pre-owned cue that came out of a private collection.  It is in mint condition, unchalked and was not played by the previous owner.

He uses two dark woods in this cue, but brightens it considerably with the use of a black and white veneer framing the points and lots of bright rings.

He builds it with a solid ebony butt, framed at the top and bottom with his popular "railroad track" ring pattern.

He separates the handle with a wide ebony ring, framed by two more of the pretty track rings.

Just take a look at how pretty this burl is.  It has great figure in the wood, and the color is dark and very rich.

Here are a few more pictures of this very pretty stick.

It comes with a very nice ebony set of joint protectors carefully engraved with the Carmeli name and identifying the different shafts.

I believe this is an after-market set of joint protectors custom made for this cue (at a cost of $300). 

It is made with a Carmeli extension kit, ready to receive a Carmeli extension if the owner wants to add one.

He builds it with a 3/8X10 steel pin in a flat-faced joint, which is how he builds most his sticks.  They are very solid. soft hitting cues, always play well, and are highly desired.  This one comes with two 13 mm shafts of premium maple, with LBM ferrules and both with Zan medium tips.  It is 58 inches long and weighs 19.4 ounces.

This cue is in excellent condition, has a couple of nice add-ons (joint caps and extension kit), but since it is pre-owned, the price makes it a special bargain.